Microgrant Program

We aspire to help marginalised families to start small-scale businesses. We give small grants (not loans) between RM 1000- RM 5000 to deserving families to enable them to embark on a business model. We have local coordinators who monitor and train grant recipients in business planning, marketing, and business accounting.

Receiving a microgrant (rather than a loan) means that the first profits from the recipients’ successful enterprise can help their family members go to school, improve their home, or pay for medical care and is not used to pay back OneHeart.

After receiving a grant, people are empowered to be givers in their communities. A “paying it forward” mentality is formed and there is no indebtedness created. The idea is to create a desire to pay forward what the recipients have received. Grants are not handouts. They enable people to invest in themselves and in their communities.