OneHeartLand Program

Currently, all efforts are being made to procure a land for the OneHeartLand Program. OneHeart Foundation Malaysia aspires to build homes for the homeless in Malaysia. This program aims to build clusters of small-scale homes, forming an image of a ‘village’. Once OneHeartLand is built, the shared communal space will create a supportive community, its residents will be encouraged to create rules in order to uphold their improved lifestyle. Self-sustenance is a must through organic poultry rearing, eco-farming, and harvesting of rainwater.

OneHeartLand aspires to be a self sustaining community which can produce its own food and energy, adopting aquaponics, rain water harvesting and renewable power source where the results can be seen as a positive health impact on human and environment.

Selection of OneHeartLand community will be amongst the marginalised community i.e: homeless single mother, homeless families and orphans above the age of 18. Affirmative measures will be taken to ensure access to OneHeartLand’s assistance regardless of race, colour, sex, familial status or sexual orientation. A strict set of village community qualification criteria has to be adhered to before selection. By making a donation to the OneHeartLand
program, we will be able to reach out to our homeless community and we will be able to provide a roof over their heads in the longer term. The homeless will be lifted out of poverty.