There are several ways you can partner with OneHeart Foundation Malaysia to
help transform the lives of the homeless and the marginalised. Volunteering or
making a donation for our human service programs will ensure a better lifestyle
for a section of the marginalised community in Malaysia.

Food Aid Program

OneHeart is running a monthly 100 Meal Food Aid Program across Kuala Lumpur to aid the homeless.

Medical Aid Program

OneHeart Foundation Malaysia has a list of specialist doctors under our
panel to aid the poor for diagnosis and medication on an ad hoc basis.

Education Aid Program

Help in the education of as many children / adults as we can within the marginalised community.

Microgrant Program

Help marginalised families to start small scale businesses. We give small grants (not loans) between RM 1000- RM 5000 to deserving families to enable them to embark on a business model.

OneHeartLand Program

Aspires to build homes for the homeless in Malaysia. This program aims to build clusters of small scale homes, forming an image of a β€˜village’.


You may be able to use your skills on a long or short-term basis to help out in our human service programs and spend time with our amazing OneHeart Family. Please register your interest here.