One Heart Foundation Malaysia

We raise funds and awareness to alleviate homelessness in Malaysia.



Food Aid Program

One Heart is running various food aid programs simultaneously to feed the homeless.

Medical Aid Program

List of specialist doctors under our panel to aid the poor for diagnosis and medication on an ad hoc basis.

Education Aid Program

Help in the education of as many children / adults as we can within the marginalised community.

Microgrant Program

Help marginalised families to start small scale businesses.

OneHeartLand Program

OneHeart Foundation Malaysia aspires to build homes for the homeless in Malaysia.


Please stand with us in helping the homeless and marginalised community. One Heart runs on Love, Light and your support.

We have a great responsibility to reach beyond ourselves into a new way of being; to refuse to fall victim to hatred of self or other; to envision a world that nourishes life not destroys it, and to do all we can to make it real.